Road Trips and Single Mom Tips!

Solo Build It!

Join us as we embark on a road trip to all fifty states. We will minimize costs by avoiding cheap motels and sleeping in our van camper. Laugh with us while we attempt to do this while traveling with one Australian Cattle Dog and four pet rats.

I always planned on taking my son on a road trip to every state in America. Finances dictated that this would happen, "someday." But someday never came. I got laid off of my teaching job, and we found ourselves facing living with relatives or becoming homeless.

Well, when life hands you lemons, go on a road trip, I always say. I decided rather than rejoin the rat race, I would figure out how to travel and work on the road, while showing my son this beautiful country of ours.

Topics to be explored are safety, security, planning, food, shelter, activities, and more. How will we stay safe, sleeping in a van in random unknown places? How will we stay warm? What if someone tries to break in? How will we cook and eat? Where do we take a shower? How do we keep our pets safe and comfortable? Inquiring minds want to know.

Learn with us as we make money while we travel. This website is one answer and other ways to make money will reveal themselves. I will share with you how we make money on the road and how you can too.

As we explore each U.S. state, I will share with you what attractions we visit and how we manage to sleep and eat as cheaply as possible while having as much fun as possible.

This is our website on how we make this happen. I hope you enjoy following along, and perhaps get some inspiration on following your own travel dreams.

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Road Trip Ideas for Kids!

vernal, utah, dinosaur, family vacation

Take your kids on a dino themed vacation!

old faithful, yellowstone, family vacation

Don't let your kids miss out on Old Faithful!

white sands national monument, new mexico, family vacation, sand dunes

Ride the dunes at White Sands National Monument!

Roswell, new mexico, alien, road trip, family vacation

Blast off with the aliens at Roswell, New Mexico!

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