Car Trip

Better Than Plane or Ship

After a ten hour car trip of traveling through one nondescript field after another, you may feel exhausted from driving and strung out on coffee. You may ask yourself, why am I doing this? Here are the reasons why a car trip is better than traveling by plane or ship.

Motion Sickness

If you get car sick, you can pull over to the side of the road and and get out for a while for some fresh air and to let your tummy settle. Try asking the pilot to land the plane so you can let your kid roll down the window and puke.

Hidden Gems

There is nothing like driving down the road and discovering a hidden gem like the Deer Farm, which we found on the way to the Grand Canyon, or the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, which we found on the way to Yellowstone. Then you can have a day of unanticipated fun experiencing things you hadn't planned on. The plane or ship is not going to stop on the way to your destination because you saw an interesting island and want to check it out.

Furry Friends

If you are traveling with pets such as a large dog, you can bring them along with you on your car trip, and travel with them like the family member they are, rather than leave them behind or have them travel in an airplane cargo hold.

The People You Meet

I'm talking about the smarmy old man that works at a solitary gas station out in the middle of nowhere, or the roadside diner waitress that calls you, "honey," and takes time out of her busy lunch rush to draw you a map to the nearest tourist attraction.

Your Stuff

Pack whatever you like, as long as it will fit in your car. No worries about the airline losing your luggage.

Quality Time Together

Spending time on the road with provides a unique opportunity to get to know your kids all over again. Some of the best memories of traveling with my son have been in the car itself.

I'll never forget sharing one of my favorite novels on audiobook with him and how we enjoyed listening to it together One night we arrived at the motel after a long drive, and it was snowing outside.

We were enjoying the story so much we sat in the car and listened to the end of the chapter before going inside. We huddled together and listened to a particularly scary passage in the dark, because we couldn't tear ourselves away from the story.

Plus, it gives you time to just talk, which isn't always easy in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

No Disturbing Body Searches

I just read about some lady that had her hair searched for bombs before they allowed her to board. I'm sure that morning she though, darn, where am I going to hide this bomb that's really stealthy, so I can hijack a plane today? I know, my hair!

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