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Bizarre Fly Infestation

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One warm, sunny day, my son and I decided to take a ride out to the Salton Sea. I knew it was probably already too much on the hot side, being late spring, but how bad could it be? If nothing else, it would be a pleasant drive.

So, we cruised out there and of course it got hotter and hotter as we went along, and by the time we got there it was clear we weren't going to be doing any exploring. It was way too hot.

In the Summer, the Salton Sea Gets Up to 120 Degrees!

I did have to go to the bathroom, though. I parked by the public restroom next to some of the deserted camping areas and opened my door. It was like an oven outside, and the smell was like Death's rotting minions.

We laughed and joked about the horror of it all, the heat, the smell, the creepy post apocalyptic landscape, and I hurried to go to the restroom while my son stayed outside of the car with the doors open.

We love to go on road trips, and we love to drink refreshments and eat snacks in the car, which results in a copious accumulation of crumbs and wrappers and other delights, underneath the seats.

I distinctly remember there had also been a recent incident involving an entire can of sugar sweetened soda spilling into the back seat carpet. Nor had I vacuumed it out in a while.

So, I returned from the bathroom and we eagerly turned to get into the car and crank the air. It is then that we notice hundreds of flies have taken roost all over the seats, floor, and dashboard. Of course I immediately tried to shoo them away, but they would not get out! Or, they would get out, and they would immediately fly back in.

After driving around the parking lot a few times, trying to wave out the inpromptu fly infestation to no avail, my son hit on the idea of luring them out with sugar, and he took some old half full water jugs and put candy in them and sure enough, the flies began to gradually exit the car and go to the jugs of sugar water placed on the hot parking lot pavement.

As soon as enough flies were gone out of the car, we took off, guiltily leaving behind the unrecycled containers set up in the middle of the parking lot.

Okay! Lesson learned. Clean my car.

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