Needles California

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One time, I earned enough points for some free nights at Best Western, and my son had always told me that he would like to travel to a random city and just see what was there. I told him the time had come, and we looked at the map to find a place we could reasonably travel to. We decided to travel to Needles California.

Well, I’m sorry Needles California, but you suck! To be fair, it is on the Colorado River, and the famous Route 66 runs through there. There are some petroglyphs to see. But really it was just the most boring city to me, and I felt disappointed that it had not been more fun for my son. I brought it up, mentioning to him how much I think Needles sucks and how sorry I am that we didn’t have more fun on our wacky go-to-a-random-city-adventure. All I remember is driving around aimlessly looking for something to do.

But it was fun, he replied. More fun than the Grand Canyon! I don't get it, but if he had fun, good for him. Mission accomplished.

I decided before I proclaim that Needles California sucks, I should give it a fair chance and do some research to see what's there. The first thing I found is Mystic Maze. How cool is that? Mystic Maze, or Topock Maze, is many, many parallel paths in an intricate pattern of dirt and rocks that can be seen from space! Check out the Google Earth image I made:

No, it's NOT a horribly disfigured fingerprint. Those ridges are five foot wide paths.

Bad Souls Get Lost, Good Souls Go Home

It was made my ancient Mojave people that believed when they died, this maze was God's giant colander. You put the dead peoples souls in the maze and the good ones find their way out and go to heaven, and the bad ones get lost in the maze. Yes, I know I'm mixing spiritual beliefs. It works for me.

Do you like coffee?

I am an absolute coffee fiend and have followed the advice of a good friend in regards to coffee for many years. She said, you’ve got to have at least one thing that’s the best. Good beans are a luxury that I hang on until the bitter end in times of even the most extreme penny pinching.

Have you ever tried to drink the coffee in the waiting room at your local oil change chain? Did it make you gag? Taste like poison perhaps? Did you know such a heavenly place exists where you can get a nice latte right there on site, while you wait for your vehicle? No need for a detour through a coffee drink drive thru. It is called…..wait for it…..On Site Lube and Latte. How cool is that? I plan to return to Needles as soon as I need an oil change to enjoy this brilliant marriage of services. I’m going to do car maintenance, and then go stand on God,s colander.

Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

There is also the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. There is hunting fishing, and boating on the Colorado River. No offroading, foot traffic only, which makes it kind of nice for hiking. There is no camping there but you can do that at nearby Moabi Regional Park.

Needles California, I officially apologize. You do have cool stuff, and do not suck by any stretch of the word.

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