Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Taser Guns,
Oh My!
Advantages and Disadvantages

I wanted to find a noncommercial information source for using pepper spray, Taser guns, or stun guns for personal safety.

A search engine just brought up tons of commercial sites, so I went to Wikipedia. As is pretty common knowledge, it explained that it is an inflammatory agent made from peppers and is pretty intense stuff. Effects include coughing, runny nose, and up to thirty minutes of blindness. Also, a burning sensation for up to thirty minutes. And, if you have asthma, oh yea, it can kill you. This could be a problem if I spray myself with it by accident, since I am an asthmatic. For me, it may better to steer clear of this particular self defense product, and so may you if you or your little ones have any disposition towards reactive respiratory illness. I did find a government document online on the efficacy of pepper spray, although it does focus on its use in police work, it still contains some useful info.

I followed the same route for “stun gun,” and Wiki led me to a page with very little information, which led me to, “electroshock weapon.” Electroshock weapon! Cool! As I’m sure we’ve all learned by watching TV, the perpetrator is incapacitated by an electric shock shot from far away through a thin, flexible wire (taser), or by direct contact (stun gun). Apparently there are not one, not two, but three levels of incapacity to choose from. For intense pain and muscle contractions, a half second is all that’s necessary. Two to three seconds’ll make’em “dazed” and fall to the ground. Three seconds or more and they are on the ground for at least several seconds.

Disturbing, but when I consider electrocuting someone briefly to fumbling with pepper spray and potentially giving myself a fatal asthma attack with or without a simultaneous assault, I find the electrocution much more appealing. I believe I will probably get a stun gun and a taser gun eventually. It seems like it would be a good idea to have both a close up and a far away option. Wiki shows three examples of commercially available varieties. One can be used both as a taser and a stun gun. There is also an adorable little model in the shape of a lipstick tube.

I jest, but hope that I will never, ever have to try this stuff out on anyone for real, I want to be ready, just in case. I plan to put most of my efforts into proaction against being a crime victim, through the use of security, stealth, and common sense.

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