Take your Dinosaur Obssessed Kid on a Vacation They Will Never Forget.

Plan a Road Trip to Vernal, Utah !

When my son was six years old, I knew I had to plan a road trip. He went through a common syndrome. Dinosaur Syndrome is when the child is obsessed with ancient reptiles to the exclusion of all else. You may observe symptoms such as an entire bedroom that is dinosaur themed down to the light switches, and when you walk into the room, you may experience the feeling of a hundred beady, cold reptile eyes peering at you, as that is the only type of toy the room contains.

Well, don’t fight it. Just go with it, and if you want to take that kid on a fun vacation they will never forget, you must plan a road trip to Vernal, Utah. Vernal is an entire town that is devoted to these fascinating creatures. Your hotel may have a T-Rex on it under the vacancy sign, and your restaurant may have a Plesiosaurus on the front, waving you in.

You Must See Dinosaur National Monument Quarry

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You can go in there and see all kinds of real bones. The story is that this location was once the sandbar at the end of a river. The river brought all kinds of lovely animal carcasses to embed there for us to now unearth and enjoy. Many have been partially unearthed by the paleontologists but left in the rock for our viewing pleasure. Paleontologists continue to research this area, and a new plant eater was discovered in 2010 called Abydosaurus mcintoshi.

Autotour Back in Time

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The Quarry is part of Dinosaur National Monument, the park. There are a lot of hiking trails there. We did the autotour, Tour of Tilted Rocks, which has petroglyphs you can hike to about a half mile away from your car. You have a bit of a climb, but my six year old did just fine. We didn’t do any long hikes, but the autotour had a few places where you could park and go for a short hike. Good if you have little ones that can’t go on a real long hike yet.

Even More Dinos...

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There is also the Utah Museum of Natural History in the town of Vernal. The museum pretty much revolves around…you guessed it, dinos. There are dino bones, games, and even a sand table to dig for dino bones yourself. Outside there are huge replicas of carnivores and plant eaters where you can take pictures of your kid to show them later and prove what a cool mom or dad you are.

I understand that the Green River which runs through there is very popular with white water rafters. I signed up my son and I for this, but then I remembered that he couldn’t swim well yet and he may not think I’m a cool mom if he almost drowned. You may want to plan a road trip and check this out if your kids are already good swimmers.

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