Planning a Road Trip

Four Important Things

How do you begin planning a road trip? Do you drive randomly to wherever strikes your fancy? Or, do you follow a rigid plan and stick to a tight schedule? The answer may lie somewhere in between.

Planning a road trip has always been a big part of the fun for me. I love researching what there is to do and see at a destination, and then deciding how to drive there. Should we drive like the wind, or shall we take the scenic route? This use to be dictated by how many days I had before I had to go back to work.

Now that we earn money on the Internet and aren't tied down to a 9 to 5 situation, can’t we drive pell-mell willy-nilly, wherever strikes our fancy?

Yes, and no. Yes, we can go where we want and stay as long as we like, but as we travel there will be some guiding factors we will use to determine which way to go next and how long we will stay. Those factors are, weather, parking availability, crime, and attractions.


It just makes good sense to avoid things like tornadoes hurling you and your vehicle rotating into the air, or flash floods sweeping you down the river, half way submerged. And, our temperature adjusting needs inside the vehicle will require an alternative electrical system, especially as long as the pet ratties are traveling with us, since they are delicate towards frequent temperature fluctuations. I want to minimize the need for artificial temperature intervention as much as possible by going where the weather is nice, like a migrating bird.

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I don’t want to be driving aimlessly through the night looking for a non-creepy place to sleep, when I am already tired and delirious from driving and/or having fun all day. I will certainly do it if I have to, but I will feel much more at ease with having at least a loose knit plan for where we will lay our heads that evening. Rested driving is safe driving.

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Avoiding crime, it just makes good sense. See, Safety First.


I saved the best for last, what is there to do there? I like to have a couple of things in mind already when I am planning a road trip, and then be open to weird off beat attractions that reveal themselves upon arrival.

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Join us while we plan our most effective route, while leaving room for flexibility and improvement along the way!

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