Rachel Nevada

The fun of this road trip to Rachel Nevada, is most subjective. You're either traveling into the middle of nowhere to stand next to some secret military site that isn't a secret anymore, or you're going hunting for UFO's.

If you want you and your kids to have fun, you have to get in the mood. The day before, rent your favorite alien movie and watch it with your kids. Make foil paper hats, like the kids in the movie, Signs. Or, try hunting for websites featuring Area 51. Go to YouTube and enter “Area 51.” Look at some of the videos people took of what happened when they tried to “breach” Area 51.

Whether you believe “the truth is out there,” or you're just having fun, it adds to the mood. Personally, I'm open to anything, but have to see it to believe it. Kudos to the kamikaze grannies in this YouTube video. I'm not looking for trouble, so when my son and I went, we as far as the “Black Mailbox,” and that was it.

Extraterrestrial Highway

We drove to Rachel, Nevada when we lived in Vegas. We took Hwy 93 to Hwy 375 (Extraterrestrial Highway.) Where it intersects with HWY 93, you will see this sign, adorned with graffiti and aircraft stickers.

I hope you won't think I'm a terrible person when I divulge how I MAY HAVE drove my car up to the Extraterrestrial Highway sign so my son could stand on it and sign his name. I'm not admitting to anything. I'm just saying that some mom MAY have done this so her kid could have the fun road trip memory of leaving his mark on the E.T. Sign. Normally, I would not condone such behavior. But this is no normal highway. This is Extraterrestrial Highway.

The Black Mailbox

From Rachel Nevada, we drove out to the “Black Mailbox.” The black mailbox is no longer black. It is white. Now it is white with strange messages from fellow UFO Hunters. I didn't know it when we drove out there, but apparently this is a common meeting place for alien enthusiasts to meet and compare notes. It's creepy fun to stop here and read it. You're way the fudge out there in the desert, and it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. It's nothing but you, the Black Mailbox, the aliens, and the military.

Little A'Le'Inn

Little A'Le'Inn is located in the teensy weensy town of Rachel, Nevada. It's current population is less than 100 people. You can read about it's interesting history on the Rachel, Nevada website. There's also info about local camping sites and events. Stop on the way back for a nice Alien Burger at Little A'Le'Inn. The staff is very friendly to humans. Besides the great food, there are lots of alien adorned items to choose from, such as hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, and much, much more.

If you are you too exhausted too drive home after conspiracy theorizing all day, they have a few rooms and just three RV spots, but it is possible to stay the night. Reservations are recommended.

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