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Eat Local Road Trip Food


You start out doing great...

Perhaps this is you. You are going on a trip and you need to pack road trip food. You know you and the kids are going to get hungry, so you prepare by packing healthy snacks such as fruit, raw veggies, and whole grain crackers with peanut butter. You start out on your trip feeling good and slightly smug, as you pass by fast food joint after fast food joint while nibbling your peanut butter crackers or munching your apple. Dinner rolls around, and you stop at a fast food place, but carefully choose “healthy” options. You feel okay.

Fatigue starts setting in...

The next day rolls around and you still feel pretty good...a little tired from driving, so you stop and get a large coffee and a pastry at Starbucks to give you some energy. You have been eating pretty healthy otherwise, and you are on vacation after all. You drink the coffee and eat the pastry and are consumed with a burst of energy. Your child comments on how fast you are talking and the fact that you are acting slightly annoying. Later you crash and feel exhausted and starving. You look in the bags of healthy food and find only half a bag of nuts and some baby carrots left. What will become of tomorrow? How will you find healthy food? You are too tired to worry about that now. You stop at fast food on the way to the motel or campground, ordering whatever strikes your fancy. Perhaps a large chocolate shake.

Nutritional Debacle Occurs!

In the morning, you get all your stuff back in the car and feel kind of sick from the chocolate shake the night before. You know you should stop at a regular grocery store and get some healthy food before you get back on the highway, where you may not find a proper supermarket for a while, but all you want to do is get a large coffee and get back on the road, and since you are next to a tourist destination, everything is going to cost three times as much as usual. You get a large black coffee at a drive through and tell the kids to eat the last of the carrots and nuts if they get hungry. You drive straight through until afternoon, only stopping for gas, where you stagger through the convenience store like an exhausted zombie, pulling candy and chips from the shelves for energy. There is no grocery store in sight. You end up pretty much living on convenience store food and fast food for the rest of the trip and feel like crap.

So, what do we do?

If that's NOT how you have done it on past road trips, congratulations! That's certainly how I've done it in the past, but I'm determined to mend my ways.

You SHOULD enjoy road trip food on your vacation and eat whatever you want, as long as it is something that you couldn't normally get at home. Don't eat stuff like Twinkies and Doritos that you can buy at the store anytime. Do eat food that is a specialty item local to the area that you are visiting. Food is part of getting to know a place.

We need a plan of action- access to plentiful healthy food when we are tired, so we don't reach for the gas station snacks, and where to find the not-to-miss local treats.

Click here for a great guide to road trip food you don't want to miss! (Coming Soon)

Click here for healthy food plan of action!

Join us as we plan to eat healthy on the road and stop for local road trip food whenever possible!

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