What’s your favorite road trip movie?

Philosophical Conundrums on the Movie, RV
(I love the Gornickes)

What is your favorite road trip movie? Thelma and Louise is a good one. National Lampoon’s Vacation is a classic. Another one that I really adore is Rat Race. When those transvestites, dressed liked Lucille ball, are all on the bus crying with that brassy din, it tickles my funny bone. Speaking of Lucy, The Long Trailer is another good road trip movie. I really do love Lucy.

One that is not such an obvious contender is the movie RV with Robin Williams. I was just reading some of the reviews on IMDB. Some of the reviewers are not impressed. The movie only has a 5.4 star rating overall. This is not a profound film. You go in expecting some goofy fun and to listen to Robin Williams’s free association rants. He plays a man who has planned a vacation with his wife and children to Hawaii, but work gets in the way when his boss makes him go to Colorado in an RV with a large advertisement on it. Work always gets in the way, so he hides the part about this being a work related trip from his family. The idea is to get away from work and spend time together, so this is a no no.

Along the way, while the Munroe family continues to be miserable and not at all embracing the goal of family fun time, they encounter the Gornickes. The Gornickes are the antithesis of the Munroes, who are the Robin Williams family. Mary Jo Gornickes, the wife, sells weight loss and health products from a well-known multi-level marketing company. (Remember seeing these pins “Ask me how to lose weight?”) All that Travis, the husband, seems to know about is all things RV, and the kids (gasp) are all homeschooled. They sing country songs together. They are weird, uneducated, and clearly lower class.

Of course we all want to be Munroes, don’t we? They’re not weird, they’re normal. The dad makes good money at his job, and they have a nice big house. The Munroes are winners and the Gornickes are obviously losers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the real winners and losers are as the movie goes on. The Gornickes are happy and enjoy spending time together, have a low stress level, and live the lives they choose. The Munroes, particularily Bob Munroe, the dad played by Robin Williams, is killing himself with stress and he is missing watching his children grow up. My favorite epiphany is when it is revealed near the end of this road trip movie that the the Gornickes son has been accepted into an ivy league school after growing up in an RV and being homeschooled. Not that this is necessary for the message to be revealed, or for a person to be validated a “winner”, but it drives home the point nicely.

Who do you want to be, a Gornike or a Munroe? Are you willing to let go of your pretention and live your own life no matter what people think? There is nothing wrong with an executive job and a big house with a white picket fence, but only if that is what you truly want, and not want you think you are supposed to want, or what everyone else wants you to want.

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What's Your Favorite Road Trip Movie?

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