Road Trip Planning Guide
Which One is the Best?

Here is your info on a free road trip planning guide for the ultimate in driving directions. Planning a road trip is half the fun! I highly recommend you use the Triptrek Travel Planner on the AAA website.

For past road trips, I would first pick a state. Then I would use this road trip planning guide to decide what attractions we would visit. You don’t have to be a member of their roadside service to use the planner online. Plus, its fun to say Triptrek Travel Planner. Say it three times out loud and see if you don’t agree.


Click here for best driving directions online!

I used to use Mapquest, but I like this one better. Just click on the above link and you will see a map and a tab on the left that says, "Directions." Enter your starting point, and then you will have the option to enter what type of destination you are searching for. The destination choices include National Parks, State Parks, and Attractions. Here’s the really cool part. You don’t just add one destination at a time and get directions to that one place. You can add a whole list of attractions you would like to see, and the site will create the optimal itinerary for you.

Using this road trip planning guide, you can drive and see all the things you want to see, without driving in any circles. You can also email your plan to your loved ones right from the site. That way, they can track you down if you go missing (click here for safety tips so this doesn’t happen to you.).


To the right of the directions tab, you will find the “Places” tab. You can click on the Places tab and get a local map around whichever map location you would like. The map can show you the location of important services such as lodging, gas stations with gas prices, attractions, campgrounds, and auto care. Just click on one of the multi-colored ball shaped icons underneath, “Get Map.” The locations will appear like magic right where you need them, on the local map to the right. It will also show which businesses will give you an AAA discount, if that's what strikes your fancy.

Travel Guide

If you still don’t know where the heck you want to go, then I don't know how to help you. No, actually, click on the "Travel Guide" tab. Then just click on what directional region you are interested in visiting in the US, or even click on the Canada icon (why not?) You will receive a detailed travel guide to each of the big attractions on that area.

I have used this travel planner on past road trips, and I highly recommend it for creating a basic plan for your own Ultimate Road Trip.

Now that you have figured out the route to all the major attractions, and state and national parks you want to see,

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