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Weird Roadside Attractions

World's Largest Thermometer

Road trip planning should allow for some weird roadside attractions. There is nothing like the surprise of cruising along the highway and seeing a shabby makeshift sign pointing off to the next exit. It might say, “Exit here to see the world’s largest thermometer!”, Then, you get to spend a whole afternoon seeing something on your vacation that you never even planned on! The World’s Largest Thermometer is in Baker, California, by the way. I just found out that I have driven by the town of Baker many times, and I have never stopped to see the largest thermometer! See what happens when you aren’t paying enough attention to finding roadside oddities?

 World's Largest Thermometer!

Idaho Potato Museum

Would you travel one hundred miles out of your way to visit the Idaho Potato Museum? We did. We drove way off our route home on the way back from Yellowstone to visit this museum. We wanted to revel all things potato, but it was closed! A lesson to us all…include checking the hours of your kooky destination before you drive there! Check out the Idaho Potato Museum website. If you’re from out of state, you get a free box of hash browns!

Click here for the Idaho Potato Museum!

Barringer Crater

Would you shriek with excitement to stand beside a 575ft deep, 50,000 year old meteor crater? At first it doesn’t seem that big, but far, far away at the bottom on the crater you will see the tiny figure of a space man. You will learn that the figure is the size of a regular man, and he looks soooo tiny! You will then know the magnitude of the awesomeness that is Barringer Crater.

Click here for Barringer Crater!

Salvation Mountain

How about a multi colored building sized “church” made from local adobe clay, donated paint, and recycled materials. There is an amazing man living in the middle of the desert with no modern conveniences, such as running water or utilities. How about that? He built this monument, running on nothing but a message. My son had the pleasure of shaking his hand. I went another day and was not so lucky. I hope you get to meet him when you go. What a perfect example of living your life the way you want to. Include Salvation Mountain in your road trip planning.

Click here for the spectacular Salvation Mountain!

Area 51

Are aliens more your style? I have info on the coolest alien museum ever on my New Mexico page. Let me also tell you about our visit to the infamous Area 51, where we experienced Extraterrestrial Highway and the L’ Alien Inn, and the famous Black Mailbox.

Click here to get abducted in Area 51!

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