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Road trip safety has been the first and foremost thing in my mind while pondering this madcap cross country adventure. Am I being irresponsible and reckless traveling like this, a single women alone with her child? Will I be putting my kid in jeopardy? Maybe this is stupid. I must be crazy. I need to get an office job and act more normal.

Then I get angry and decide that I will not turn away from my dream to take my kid on the ultimate road trip out of fear, but simply plan for success by preparing for any possible situation. What if we break down? I am taking this trip, but every once in a while I imagine us sleeping in some creepy Wal-Mart parking lot while some psycho tries to break in.

Are Firearms the Answer?

Because my concerns are serious, my first inclination was serious, too. The first thing I thought was, get a gun ! So, I did some research. Things I wondered were, how safe is it? Should I take a class or something? What kind of gun should I get?

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What About Pepper Spray?

For my next line of defense I found my thoughts moving to . pepper spray, Taser guns, and stun guns. Did you know there is a difference between the two? I didn’t, but apparently a stun gun requires physical contact and a Taser gun can be shot up to 15 ft. away.

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Other considerations are alarm systems for the door and windows on our vehicle. So, when they break in while you are sleeping, a loud and terrifying alarm will go off. This will give you enough time to grab your Taser gun, stun gun, and pepper spray and kick some criminal ass.

Be Stealthy

There are also techniques to explore such as “stealth” van camping, which involves using a plain looking cargo van converting to a camper on the inside, while minimizing any outside clues that there may be people or other enticing items inside.

Click here for information on turning your camper van into a steel fortress of safety.

Another road trip safety concern is breaking down. I will be proactive and buy the best vehicle we can afford, but it ain’t much, and stuff happens. The first thing I need to do is learn how to change my own tire!

I have also always been concerned about lack of cell phone service on the road trips we have taken. A satellite phone seems like a necessity. At the very least, some kind of homing device so we can call for emergency services. I have no idea what’s available or how much it costs, so I will be exploring that as well.

Join us as we plan for road trip safety and enjoy our trip without being victims!

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