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Check Out Barringer Crater!

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I recommend your road trip vacation planning includes The Barringer Crater. It is a gigantic hole in the ground. It is 575 feet deep. To put that into perspective, if each story on a building is ten feet, the Barringer Crater is as deep as an upside down fifty seven and a half story building. Also, it is one mile wild.

It is weird, because, when you stand near the edge and look down into it, it doesn't look that big. You may experience your kids standing next to you saying, wow, yea, this is great mom...a giant hole in the ground. I'm so glad we came here. Find the telescope they have there for your viewing pleasure, and tell them to have a look see for the little space man. There's an itty bitty tiny little man figure on the very bottom of the crater that you need the telescope to see.

Have them find the little man, and then tell them that that figure is regular man-sized. He is little because he is far, far away on the bottom of the crater. They may still not be impressed, but they won't be able to argue with the fact that that is one darn big hole in the ground.

Visitor Center

Fine, if they aren't wowed by looking at the crater, there are plenty of other things to do. There are viewing trails to hike. Or, if its too hot, they can view within air conditioned comfort from the inside of the visitor center.

Take them to the fancy schmancy movie theater and let them watch a movie depicting the actual meteor impact as it happened 50,000 years ago. On second thought, maybe they should watch the movie first. Maybe that would make the actual crater more exciting. I don't remember if we watched the movie or not. We probably did, but I just remember the telescope and the little space man standing on the bottom, it impacted me so.

After that mind blowing experience, don't miss the obligatory trip to the gift shop for a trinket or two if that's what floats your boat. Then, you can take the kids to the Subway there for lunch. It's located right there in the visitor center.

RV Park

One thing I didn't know about, because this was back in the day when our road trip vacation planning always involved Super 8 or Motel 6, is the Meteor Crater RV park. If you stay there, you get discounted tickets to the Meteor Crater and other local attractions.

There are a lot of awesome places within day trip distance of this park. There is the Petrified Forest, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, just for starters. Plus, you got your showers, rest rooms, and Wifi all right there. The website claims the night sky there is particularly beautiful and active, and recommends you set up lawn chairs and enjoy the show.

There is also something disturbingly called the “Hole Enchilada” restaurant. Something about the phrase Hole Enchilada conjures up uncomfortable feelings within me in a way I don't want to explore. Yet I know that when I pass though there again someday, I will have to go and order a Hole Enchilada. Add a Hole Enchilada to your road trip vacation planning.

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