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I have spent my entire life in California and have sometimes pined for more severe road trip weather to experience and enjoy. I love a good thunder storm, and we just don’t get that many where I live.

If it were just me, I would drive my van directly into tornado or hurricane central without a care, but I have a child and pets to keep safe, so I will use good judgment in my storm chasing endeavors.

I found myself wondering, when exactly is hurricane, or tornado season? When is it safe to go to Florida and check out the Everglades? How dangerous is Tornado Alley really, during Tornado season? Where exactly is the temperature the mildest during particular times of the year?

My first stop online was

Just to try it out, I pretended that I want to go to Yosemite National Park tomorrow. I could see the forecast for the next ten days and that the temperatures are very mild and lovely in the day, with a high in the seventies, but going down to the thirties at night, so I could plan accordingly by making sure we have what we need to stay warm at night.

It also had some great pages devoted to hurricanes and tornadoes, but I was looking for something a little different, a site that would tell me exactly what time of year I need to be most vigilant for potential storm debacles.

The National Hurricane Center has this information clearly stated on its front page, “Hurricane Season Dates, The season begins May 15th and also ends November 30th.” I like that site for hurricane info because they have what I was looking for clearly on the home page, which is where, when, and what to do about staying safe. I also like how it explains the different kinds of warnings issued, for instance the difference between a “Tornado Watch” and a “Tornado Warning.”

The site will also send you text messages and emails of severe alerts and has a page devoted to driving safely. There is even a page for taking care of your pets in particular kinds of severe road trip weather.

As we travel, I'm going to use these resources, the websites and the alerts by email and SMS, to keep us safe and informed during our cross country adventures.

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