Best Grand Canyon Road Trip

What Not to Miss and What to Avoid

I took my son on a Grand Canyon road trip for his birthday one year. I think it was his seventh. We went during the summer, and it was crazy crowded. When we go again, I’m going to go there a different time of year. After some online research, I learned it is as I suspected.

The best time to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon is fall or spring, followed by winter. Avoid going when the public schools are having their days off. Although, if that’s the only time you can go, than by all means go anyway. You don’t want to miss this.

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What I remember about the Grand Canyon the most was the lightning storm. It came on suddenly as we were strolling down the walkway along the canyon edge. One minute the weather was mild and the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds, the next minute it starts pouring and this amazing lightning starts striking the canyon, and I have a front row seat to a battle of the gods. It’s impossible to describe how beautiful and powerful this experience was. I stood there hypnotized by it until a ranger came by and strongly suggested we go inside away from the lightning. Did I mention I’m a wannabe storm chaser?

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Do not feed the wildlife. The signs are everywhere as you walk along the path by the cliffs edge. Then we saw this chipmunk. So much hutzpah had this little chipmunk he brazenly approached me and asked me for a piece of whatever I was eating. I obliged by holding it out for him and he took it from my hand like we were longtime buds. I wanted to take heed of the sign and follow the rule, but the chipmunk made me do it. He seduced me with cuteness.

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Another attraction we enjoyed was The Train. You go to a small town called Williams to board the train, and it is about two hours from there to the Grand Canyon. There was a really cool Navajo Native American guy who was like a train entertainer or something. He sang Happy Birthday to my son in Navajo language.

One of the best things about road trips is finding offbeat unexpected attractions. Whilst traveling back to our motel we saw some billboard signs along the freeway imploring is to visit the Deer Farm. For a small fee you can go in and feed the deer, which are numerous and will follow you relentlessly, begging for more, much to the delight of your kids, My son thought it was hysterical. When we went there, there was also a large, beautiful white Cockatoo who amused us for quite a while by bobbing his head up and down and begging for crackers.

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