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New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment!

I recommend visiting New Mexico during your USA road trip. New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. It is enchanting! I could have spent weeks exploring this state, but at the time I still had a “real job” and only had a week for our USA Road Trip. These are the four places that we managed to visit, and I plan on returning to this magical place as soon as possible.

Sparkly White Fairy Dust

The White Sands National Monument has this to say, “Here, dunes have engulfed 275 square miles of desert creating the world's largest gypsum dune field.” Well I don’t know what gypsum is, to me it was just fairy dust. Vast, endless, pristine, sparkly white fairy dust as far as the eye can see.

Go to Wal-Mart and get each member of your USA road trip one of the giant plastic disc things to ride down the dunes on. It’s a lot like sledding, but its sand. You can also rent or buy the discs in the gift shop. You pay full price at the gift shop, and then you have the option of bringing it back and getting a partial refund, so you just rented it.

We bought the discs at the gift shop with the intention of returning them, but I was way too exhausted after climbing giant dunes all day and never took them back. Should’ve bought them at Wal-Mart like the locals suggested. In any case, I definitely recommend making this a must see destination when you visit New Mexico. You and your kids will have the time of your lives.

New Mexico, White Sands National Monument, road trip, family vacation

There's an alien on Wal-mart.

If you like aliens, you’ll love Roswell, New Mexico. Even the Wal-Mart has an alien on it.

Roswell UFO and Research Center

Whether you live in a trailer out in the desert by Area 51 wearing a foil hat, or you think men from outer space is just hogwash, I highly recommend you visit the Roswell UFO Museum and Research center on your USA road trip.

When we went to Roswell, we had the creepy cool experience of asking a lady for directions, and it turned out that her great grandpa or uncle or whatnot had witnessed some of the Roswell UFO phenomenon back in 1947. She recommended the museum to us and explained that the staff there is made up of the offspring of the people that saw proof of the alien landing occurring. You can see tons of legal documents by witnesses to the incident, photos, newspapers, and much, much more from the time of the landing.

Gila Cliff Dwellers National Monument

Okay, this one involves a bit of a hike to get there and there are stairs involved. And cliffs. My son was about ten at the time and he did just fine, but it might be too much for the little ones. It is only about a half hour walk, though.

You will arrive at Gila Cliff Dwellers National Monument , and after walking, climbing, and tiptoeing treacherously across a scary cliff edge, you will emerge into the coolest house in the world. Native Americans called Mogollan lived there about 700 years ago. It is hard to describe the wonder if sitting in those caves and looking out at the awesome view of the opposing mountain side, and imagining living your life there. I would move in any day. Those Mogollan really knew how to live.

Cliffdwellers, New Mexico, family vacation, road trip

New Mexico holds an extra special place in our hearts and we will definitely be doubling up on our visit there!

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