Make your Van Camper a Steel Fortress of Safety

Enjoy Your Road Trip Worry Free

I have spent many hours online salivating over luxurious camper vans and custom conversions. But, those in the know use a term called “stealth” in reference to their vehicles/homes.

After thinking it over for quite a while, I have to agree that stealth is the way to go. What this means for us is purchasing a plain white cargo vehicle and doing our own camper conversion on the inside. What it means is, if you do end up having to park in that creepy Wal-Mart parking lot for the night, you can park over by the other work vehicles, and potential criminals are none the wiser. Much better than sitting in your camper or RV and making lots of noise and announcing, hi, I’m a sitting duck. Be sure and break in later. We’ll be waitin’ for ya’.

I am shooting for a well running, used Chevy Express Cargo Van or Ford Econoline cargo van with an extended wheel base for a little extra room. No side or rear windows to worry about. I will get inside deadbolts for all of the doors.

This way, people see your vehicle in the parking lot and don’t know if you are an innocent little family, steel shelves full of tools, boxes of merchandise, or serial killer’s lair, so they are apt to steer clear as long as you don’t announce yourself by opening the back doors and setting up lawn chairs.

I am also willing to invest in a really good security/alarm system since this will essentially be our house. A search revealed there is a huge selection of specialty locks and alarms designed just for cargo vans. Before even looking at any of them, I decided that not only do I want the usual type of alarm that makes all the racket when someone gets too close, I want something extra on the inside that works like a dead bolt, when we are sleeping. My online research revealed that it is possible to secure your mobile sanctuary like a steel fortress if you so choose. There are deadbolts, passenger area partitions, window reinforcements, and alarms.

I will tint the remaining windows as dark as is legal, and I will probably just install a black curtain between the passenger area and the cargo area at night for privacy and to block out light, as well as disguising my own light if I am on the computer or reading.

After researching this for many hours, I believe after purchasing our vehicle and installing dead bolts, window tint, blackout curtains, and a great alarm system, we may be safer then we are in our own bedroom!

Onward we go…!

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