Roadtrip to Yellowstone National Park

Get it on Your Bucket List!

There are so many things to do at Yellowstone! You could easily spend weeks there and not run out of things to do. We did manage to hit the natural points of interest which were the highlights of the trip for us.

On the top of your list should be visiting the “Geyser Basins.” Upper Geyer Basin is home to the one and only Old Faithful. The quintessential family vacation destination, no kid should not have the memory of going to see Old Faithful. There are other geysers to see in the upper basin, too. Four others to be exact, their names are Castle, Daisy, Grand, and Riverside. Am I the only one that think these sound like pet names?

Wait for it...

yellowstone, old faithful, crowd, waiting, photographer


yellowstone, old faithful, geyser, roadtrip, vacation

When we visited the Lower Geyser Basin it felt like we were traveling back in time for millions of years. The steam rises from the blue, green, and rust colored hydrothermal pools and fills the air with the smell of sulfur. There is a board walk around the geysers and it is not much of a hike, so this would be a good basin to visit if you have little ones. The pools are very hot though, so be careful!

yellowstone, geothermal, road trip

There is also a river that runs though it which we enjoyed for a while, called Firehole River. Someone had written their name in rocks on the ground next to the river, and left it there for us to see. My son replaced it with his own name and left it for the next person. What I remember the most about Yellowstone was how it brought out my inner photographer. Here is the infamous bison picture which I don’t recommend taking by sticking your head out in front of it and pissing it off so it mauls you. Still, it’s a cool photo.

yellowstone national park, bison, roadtrip, summer, kids

Here is my Bambi photo. I couldn’t believe it stayed still long enough for me to get the picture.

Yellowstone National Park, deer, roadtrip, summer, kids

We also got some bear pictures, although it was pretty far away so it just looks like a brown speck by the side of the river, if you don’t know it’s a bear. Far away is probably the best way to take a bear picture.

My son did the Junior Ranger program and completed all the activities, which included geological and ecological studies. The trouble was we just missed the deadline for getting to the gift shop for his special patch. He’s a cool kid though, so when I made him one he said he liked it better anyway.

We had so little time there! Only a few days, and we barely scratched the surface of all the things to do there.

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